concept, design and realisation: 
Mali Weil

toys realisation:
Isabella Micati / Manifact Weaving

sound design:
Elettra Bargiacchi

sound consultancy:
Michele Facchinelli

research consultancy:
Michele Spanò, Emanuele Coccia

production assistant:
Amanda Filippi

Silvia Coppola

administration support:
Laura Rizzo

powered by:
Centrale Fies + Mali Weil

in collaboration with:
SAAL Biennaal Tallinn
PAV Torino

with the support of:
Compagnia di San Paolo nell’ambito di Ora! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Fondazione Caritro, Trentino Film Commission

i-Portunus – Creative Europe Programme of the EU

Mali Weil wants to thank you:
Barbara Boninsegna, Maria Chemello, Carlo Ciceri, Enzo Santilli, Nicola Segatta, Virginia Sommadossi, Annika Üprus

Forests is a research and an action on the edges of citizenship, comprised of different episodes: a performance serie, a film, some temporary schools for future forests experts.

The first, Forests | Recomposing has been realised at Trento film Festival (IT) as lecture.
The second Forests | Unlearning is a more narrative and dreamy episode which will happen at SAAL Biennaal in Tallinn, (EST).
With Forests | Making which will happen between November 2019 and February 2020 at PAV in Turin (IT), Mali Weil will work more directly on the juridical framework of this imaginary.
Every step brings some meetings with different groups of teen agers and youngsters with whom Mali Weil freely explore the forest as temporary and fictional juridical space.



photos and other contents will be uploaded soon