Power is a complex strategic situation. In fact it is always plural because it corresponds to the multiplicity of power balances.
It has a relational nature and it has its leverage into the body.
It is a crown that obstructs your sight once you wear it.
Its main antidote is vision.


It is structured by language.

“All the discourses about truth have a certain power. There is not a blind power on one side and the truth that questions it on the other, as we have thought for a long time.
All the truths, i. e. all we believe that is true, become a force that structures us. It has power over us and through us. It conflicts with other truths and with other discourses. As we can see, the connection between knowledge and power is extremely close: there are not powers able not to structure themselves around truth regimes (e. g. religious, ethical, scientific, social, etc.)” – L. Bazzicalupo
[translation by Mali Weil]