Wolf man

He is caretaker of the book of resistance and guardian of the Brain Cell.
He is the bandit, the stateless and the outlaw.
He is the one who can reveal the weakness of power.


The Anglo-Saxon out-law is called Vagr -wolf- in Icelandic, as to indicate that they were forced to wander in the forest like a wild beast, after being excluded from human society. In ancient Irish Cù Glas indicates both the wolf and the foreigner. Those who were banished were represented with wolf heads.

“Anyone who has given you bread, even if it is your wife, shall be judged guilty… Dead to society, dead to the law, dead to the state. Your wife will be declared a widow, your children orphans. Will be denied burial in order to erase every trace of your stay on Earth. You’ll become one of the walking dead.”
Exclusion from solidarity

We hand over your body and your flesh to the beasts of the forests, to the birds in the sky, and the fishes that live in the waters, we permit anyone to disturb your peace and your security anywhere where others have right to enjoy them, and we will send you to the four corners of Earth”
Exclusion from security.